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Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Golden Retrievers! (video)

Posted by Alex Stanhope on

Golden Retrievers are awesome! We all know that but did you know...

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1) Golden Retrievers love to swim! Who knew! Next time you are at the lake toss a stick
or a ball into the water and watch your Golden go for it! By the way Goldens have a double coat that actually sheds water.

2) Golden Retrievers are often used as therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are a lifeline for people of all types and can give a feeling of wellbeing to those who are lonely, suffering from physical or mental illness and many other issues. Goldens are gentle, caring and thoughtful making the perfect companion!

Golden Retrievers are also widely used as seeing eye guide dogs. You can read more about this great function at Guide Dogs of America.

3) The American Kennel Club officially recognized Golden Retrievers as a breed in 1925! Wow! So we are official!

4) Your Golden Retriever will quickly train you! How about that? :) Yes, you're Golden knows what they want and they will tell you. So go ahead and pet your pup even if you think you are too busy or else they will let you know about it!

5) Golden's love children and are very gentle with them. Yea!

Golden Retrievers make a great addition to the family so if you are considering a dog a Golden Retriever make an excellent choice.

There is so much more to your Golden so stay tuned for our next update!

In the meantime if you are interested in awesome Golden Retriever items go here!

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