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Dogs — golden retriever

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Golden Retrievers! (video)

Posted by Alex Stanhope on

Golden Retrievers are awesome! We all know that but did you know... 1) Golden Retrievers love to swim! Who knew! Next time you are at the lake toss a stickor a ball into the water and watch your Golden go for it! By the way Goldens have a double coat that actually sheds water. 2) Golden Retrievers are often used as therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are a lifeline for people of all types and can give a feeling of wellbeing to those who are lonely, suffering from physical or mental illness and many other issues. Goldens are gentle, caring and...

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Why Does My Dog Scratch So Much? (video)

Posted by Better Shipping on

Do You Know Why Your Dog Scratches?Dogs are like people they usually scratch when they have an itch or feel something on themselves. This could be a flea, a bug, an allergic reaction, boredom, emotional stress or anything they may be feeling at the moment that bothers them.Anytime your pet seems annoyed at something pay close attention and try to determine what is bother them. While scratching may be nothing to be concerned about it could also be a signal to you of something else going on with your dog’s health. If you notice dandruff or a dull, dry coat,...

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