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Why Does My Dog Scratch So Much? (video)

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Do You Know Why Your Dog Scratches?

Dogs are like people they usually scratch when they have an itch or feel something on
why dogs scratchthemselves. This could be a flea, a bug, an allergic reaction, boredom, emotional stress or anything they may be feeling at the moment that bothers them.

Anytime your pet seems annoyed at something pay close attention and try to determine what is bother them. While scratching may be nothing to be concerned about it could also be a signal to you of something else going on with your dog’s health. If you notice dandruff or a dull, dry coat, he may have dry skin or allergies.

If your dog begins to develop red spots or sores he may have a skin infection. Skin infections can grow larger and some of them can make a dog ill. If you suspect that your dog has a skin infection you should take him to the vet right away for treatment.

When You Should Be Concerned about Your Dog’s scratching -

In many cases you can ignore a dog's casual scratching. He may just have a temporary, meaningless itch. However, if your dog has chronic itching and starts to damage his skin, you should pay attention.

If your dog's scratching leads to sores that start to open or if his scratching becomes determined, take him to the vet to find out the cause. A dog may scratch his ears until they are red and inflamed, for example.

Your vet can perform blood tests and other tests such as skin scrapings to find out if there is a serious problem.

Is it Possible to Stop Excessive Scratching?

It's not usually possible to stop all scratching. You should treat any problems that develop because of infection or allergies. This usually requires the help of your vet, as well as testing and medications. If your dog has fleas or other parasites, use the appropriate preventives.

After your dog is treated, you should continue to use the correct deterrents or preventives. If your dog has a sore or other place that he continues to try to scratch, you should treat it according to your vet's instructions.

Most dogs will occasionally sit and scratch their neck. This is probably not something to worry about. However, it your dog scratches at his rear or bites on his leg for hours, there is probably a serious problem and you need to see your vet.

In this case the problem could be fleas, an allergy, or even a compulsion to scratch. Or, your dog could be scratching out of sheer boredom as mentioned above. Try playing with your pet a little more than you usually do, give them some extra love and attention and see if that helps the problem.

But always consult your vet for appropriate suggestions and solutions if your dog’s scratching concerns you.

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