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Do Dogs Have Feelings Like People? (video)

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Yes! Dogs do have feeling very much like you do!

You have heard the saying that "Dogs are man’s best friend". The truth is people are a dogs best friend too! They share many of the emotions you are used to such as missing you when you are not home and getting excited when they see you! They express happiness by wagging their tails. They feel sad when a pack member passes away. And they feel love for each and every family member. But it is important to keep in mind that these emotions are totally different from humans.

Emotions of dogs are not associated with complex thoughts. They don’t have doubts or motives. Their emotions are honest and pure. Your dog is never lying when expressing love to you. It is very hard to believe that dogs have emotions but it is true.

Which feelings do dogs have?

Most people can easily read their dogs emotions. For example when you come home from work your dog dances around you wagging his/her tail and you say my pup is really happy. Dogs also have the ability to understand the languages of humans. 

Many studies have proven that dogs have the same brain structure as humans and they can produce the same hormones the same way as humans during emotional states. Dogs also have oxytocin hormone which is secreted in humans when they feel love or affection about others. With the same chemistry and neurology it seems reasonable to say that dogs have the same emotions like we humans do.

Do they feel grief?

There are many evidences that show that dogs have the same emotions of humans when grieving. They feel sad when their owner passes away. They won’t eat for days, they won’t play etc. Dogs may mourn deeply just like humans do. Grief is one of the basic emotions in dogs according to the pet experts.

Dogs feel sad when they are separated from their playmates and owners and you can observe this; dogs move slowly, they don’t eat and sleep more. These are the common symptoms. There is a huge attunement between dogs and humans not only in terms of body language and each other gestures but emotionally as well.

According to some of the owners two dogs which lived in a household for a number of years, miss the other dog that died. Owners report that when one dog died the other gets very depressed.

It is very sad but often the dog that is still with you will search for the other dog around the entire house. This shows that the dog misses its playmate and pack member. Dogs have unique personalities however in the same situation they can react differently.

So remember the old saying, "Treat your dog the same as you would want to be treated!"

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