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Huey Helicopter Contract for Minuteman Security USAF (video)

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Yes, the Huey is alive and well with the USAF guarding our nuclear Minutemen missiles. Several companies are in a bidding battle to replace the 45 year old UH-1N fleet.

Bell Helicopter states the 'new' Huey will have twice the range and three times the load carrying capability as the old Huey.

For those of you who love the UH-1N Huey Helicopter this is worth reading about.

Bell Helicopter wants USAF to trade Huey for Huey

As the US Air Force pumps more money into its nuclear mission, Bell Helicopter and several other rotorcraft manufacturers are eyeing a lucrative opportunity to replace the 45-year-old UH-1N Huey fleet currently guarding America’s Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The air force plans to establish a $980 million programme to replace its aging Huey fleet, including those that shuttle top government officials around Washington, DC. Bell says the requirements as discussed so far point to its modern UH-1Y Venom combat utility helicopter as a viable replacement option.

The twin-engined utility aircraft is currently in production for the Marine Corps, and other in-production military helicopter options being pitched to the air force include the Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk and Airbus UH-72 Lakota.


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