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Is there a new Pluto?

Posted by Better Shipping on

Astronomers has discovered what may be the most distant object in our solar system. Is it another planet? The latest object found is called V774104. Who knows how they name these objects? As our ability to detect object in the outer reaches of the solar system has expanded it has brought forth a new Pluto a planet? And if not, what about some of these other 'objects' we are now able to 'see'? This new object is said to be three times further out than Pluto! Wow! So what is your opinion? Is Pluto a planet or not? Comment...

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Space - Hubble Telescope finds clues how the Milky Way was formed! (video)

Posted by Christopher Chris on

NASA's famous Hubble Telescope was doing some heavy duty looking into our our Milky Way galaxy lately and discovered some very interesting things! Hubble discovered many white dwarfs in the middle of the Milky Way. White dwarfs are basically the ancient remnants of stars that have pretty much burned out. Could Hubble be looking at the very origins of our galaxy?  Annalisa Calamida of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) said, “It is important to observe the Milky Way’s bulge because it is the only bulge we can study in detail. You can see bulges in distant galaxies, but you...

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