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The Most Special Cat in the World! Meet Pouncy! Must See if you love cats! (Video)

Posted by Keith Piper on

Check this out! Is this the cutest or strangest cat in the world? What do you think? Comment below.

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  • I think you are annoying the cat. That is why she bites you and attacks. Other times she is obviously affectionate. My cat is like this, I have to be really careful or she bites and claws me. If she misses me she comes back and makes sure she bites me before she will settle down. I adore her, but I do have to watch it with her she is very tempremental.

    Ellen on
  • That is crazy! What an amazing cat! Wildest thing I have ever seen.

    JC on
  • So cute! I love it!

    Sally on

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